Your professional housing insulation company at Montreal and surroundings

Isolation expeR+ is your first-choice sound and thermal insulation company for house everywhere at Montreal and surroundings. Our professional insulation team is transparent in their work and do your work as if it were for their own home. A good insulation allows you to save cost on heating by preserving a comfortable temperature at home efficiently.

Among other things, insulation helps to limit the spread of mould and protect your health. Our processes and our material are eco-friendly and allows you to reduce your environmental impact.

Low cost and eco-friendly thermal and sound insulation

Isolation expeR+ master residential insulation since more than 7 years. Our team carries out a meticulous job and take care to leave the places very clean after the work. In order to meet the growing demand of our customers, we offer a wide range of services:

Did you know that the insulation works of Isolation expeR+ are eligible for government funding? Contact our professionals to find out more.

Injection insulation for walls and floors



Thermal insulation of the roof

Choose Isolation expeR+ and make a good move for environment

At Isolation expeR+, we take environment by the hearth. For this reason, we use insulation products made by ecological processes. Our insulation technique are very inexpensive and save you in the winter on your heating bill. The insulation installation technic from our company limit the use of your heating and reduce your environmental impact. Choose Isolation expeR+ and make a good move for environment.

Family values professional team

Since the 7 years of our company’s activities, our team has built a solid reputation all over the South-Shore and the North-Shore, in Montreal, in the Laurentians, in Lanaudière and in Montérégie. We always ensure to give you clear explanation and we are transparent in our work. Our owners have family values and work as it was for their own house.

Thanks to our expert insulation methods, we can offer competitive prices without compromising the quality of our service. Our products are ecologically friendly and we use high-end equipment that guarantees you clean and precise result. We love well done job and we take the time to clean the construction site after our passage.

Have your home insulated and contact us now

Isolation expeR+ offers a sound and thermal insulation service for your homes. In addition to save big cost on your heating bill, our processes and our insulation product are eco-friendly. Our team is clear on their work and take to pleasure to answer all your questions. Contact us today to request our free quote.

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